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Class 3

Class 3 has the oldest children in our school.

At the moment there are 30 in the class - five Y6s,  ten Y5s and fifteen Y4s. There are 13 girls and 17 boys! The children are aged between nine and eleven years old.

Class 3 is taught by Miss Price (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) Miss Ebrey (Wednesday & Thursday). and by the headteacher Mr Brough. 

With three year groups in the class and a broad range of abilities, the class is split for Maths and English lessons. Mr Brough teaches Y6 and some Y5s every morning for Maths and English while Miss Price and Miss Ebrey teach Maths and English to Y4 and some Y5. The Y4/5/6 are all together every afternoon. We have two teaching assistants, Mrs Rush and Mrs Smith.

Class Routines

PE is on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. 


Maths In Class 3, children are given new Maths homework every week. Handed out on Thursday to be handed in by the following Tuesday. For each passport stage there will be three homeworks to complete before a short assessment to check achievement. Therefore in theory they should complete a passport stage once every half term.

The homework sheets are in three parts: first there are some short exercises based on the elements of the passport, this is to be completed on the sheets; the second element requires access to NumberGym, an on-line Maths series for “Bond Builder” and “Table Trainer”. The school has it’s own log-in details and each child has their own too. 

Everyone will be asked to complete sections of the Mental Maths Challenge section. This progresses through Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, all the way to Platinum.

Reading we recommend approximately 20 minutes a day. The children have a school library book (and also a group reading book which stays in school). We do not expect parents to sit and listen to every word every day, the choice is yours, but a small amount of time 2/3 times a week spent hearing your child read will benefit and improve your child’s reading. Why not ask your child some questions about what they are reading? Please sign the reading record book if you have heard your child read or asked them about their reading.

Spelling. The children have a list of between 10 and 15 words to be practiced and learnt.  They will be tested on the words each week - Friday Y4/5 or Monday Y6/5.

We encourage the children to LOOK at the word, SAY it out loud, COVER it over, WRITE it down then CHECK for any errors. If they do this every day they should have learned most of the words in the week. They will be practicing them during school time so if they practice at home too all the better. In the weekly assessment the children need to achieve a pass rate of 8/10 or higher.

Please note that homework is intended to be done in partnership with parents - please do not hesitate to seek help from Mr Brough or Miss Price if required. 

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