Class 1

Welcome to the Reception and Year 1 2016/17

There are 22 children in the class at the moment and we have a lot of fun.


Summer Term Activities



2016 10 18 2 AutoCollage 24 Images forest school


Forest School Millichope 18/10/16


Music G K AutoCollage 24 Images


  Monday Music with  Mr Wiseman and Ms Greenwood


Forest school recep 1st week AutoCollage 26 Images 3aY1 Blackberry Picking AutoCollage 36 Images



Reception 1st Forest School                                            Blackberry Picking

Creations for RE AutoCollage 23 Images 1

Our Creations in RE


Cooking Crumble Set 1 AutoCollage 15 Images a Cooking Crumble Set 2 AutoCollage 11 Images a


Cooking Crumble Set 3 AutoCollage 16 Images a Cooking Crumble Set 4 AutoCollage 24 Images a


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